Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Crossing Ward

Just a quick update on my latest fiction project: The Crossing Ward.  It's nearing completion and to give a quick snapshot of the theme of the book, here's some of the copy text for the book jacket:

The Fourth Floor of the Regional Hospital is known as the Crossing Ward. It’s a place where people go to die, but what if terminally ill patients are dying faster than expected in a startling trend? What if some of the patients are having visitations – is it an angel of death or the presence of the Lord himself? Brody Cademan, a former pastor, has found himself in the middle of a murder mystery, and he is thrust into a ministry for those who are dying – but he struggles to give them hope when he no longer believes in heaven, himself.  Tragedy and grief have destroyed his faith. But a new relationship, and a new focus could reignite his belief in a God who really cares.