Monday, August 2, 2010

Leadership Project - Publication Story

I've not put much on the blog so far about my Leadership Project, Naked Leadership: Leading from the Inside Out, since I have been in discussion with my publisher about the book. However, I just reached a significant decision about a week ago that is moving me a different direction and I thought it was time to blog about it.

I appreciated my publisher's interest in Naked Leadership, but after reviewing the contract I decided to decline their offer. As typical with fully funded contracts, I would have signed my copyright over to them in order to move it forward. I don't know all that the Lord intends for this leadership book, but at this point felt it more important to hold onto the copyright since that gives me flexibility with revisions and future works built off of the Naked Leadership concept.

At this point my plans are to self-publish; and I'm well underway toward accomplishing that goal. I have finished writing, am now editing, and have plans for advance copies that I'll use for a class I'll be teaching at CBC.

I'll look forward to providing more information about the book, but for now if you want to see a bit about it, check my website for an excerpt: Click Here