Monday, October 11, 2010

nakedLEADERSHIP Publication update

The Leadership Project, nakedLEADERSHIP is complete, and I've been preparing the Amazon files for both the print and the Kindle edition. I anticipate that the Kindle version will be ready by Wednesday, if not before.

It's been an interesting, but fun, journey to do the publishing myself. On the print side, there's been several formatting challenges and it was particularly helpful to have some advance copies printed for use in my leadership class at Church. Thanks to Ron Cobb at for getting that done for me. Then it was the final touches working through Amazon's CreateSpace, which if you do all the work yourself is very economical. The Kindle Version is also fairly easy to do as well. It just takes time to put it in the right html format and upload it to Amazon.

The real challenge is going to be the marketing side of it and that's where I'll have to turn my attention soon. But for now, I covered a lot of ground and hope to have nakedLEADERSHIP fully activated on Amazon in just a few days.